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Our Data Intelligence Engine is what you need to make autonomous driving safer in a cost-effective way.

Better Data. Better Safety.

The challenge

Autonomous Driving is hard to crack.

Safety remains the primary issue in ADAS/AD due to failures in certain driving situations.

First, models that have not been trained with all the right data will not work in anomalous situations. These edge cases need to be addressed to make autonomous driving possible.

Second, data preparation for great models is expensive and time consuming.

Our Solution

Millions of unlabeled, raw images are collected and we can extract the most valuable images from that raw dataset - just like that. No labelling needed!

Find complex driving situations, edge cases to or whatever you need to improve your models every day.

Find complex relational driving situation or edge cases in your unlabelled datasets at a semantic level, right out-of-the-box, in a fraction of the usual time.

Find dangerous driving situations and absolute outliers in your data, ver your datasets to improve your models for your next computer vision project.

1. Improve model accuracy with useful data.

2. Accelerate data selection and preparation.

3. Save cost and time on labeling and training.

4. Eliminate safety concerns  step by step.

Our Data Intelligence Engine helps to streamline the data preparation process.