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Zero Labelling. Full Data Intelligence.

The data intelligence engine that makes data exploration, data selection and data labelling so much fun.

Quasara effortlessly finds and extracts any visual class from millions of raw, unlabelled images or videos for use in Computer Vision applications.

Powered by Semantic Search

Our Data Intelligence Engine makes millions of raw, unlabeled images searchable. It provides an unparalleled semantic understanding and data transparency – out-of-the-box – with zero pre-training or metadata needed.

  • Provide your visual data. Wait a couple of hours for processing and voila! you can start browsing and exploring your dataset like never before possible.

  • Use natural language to explore your raw datasets. Our Semantic Search Engine for images and videos helps find anything you need.

    Objects, scenarios, states or even complex queries like driving scenarios or relational visual classes - you name it.

  • Find what you are looking for in millions of raw, unlabeled images. You can drill down into your dataset to extract the most useful datapoints or get rid of useless ones. Select only the images you need for labelling and model training and leave the rest where it is.

  • Manage your data semantically, create subsets of your raw datasets, collect datapoints for labelling and annotation, do smart tagging - the applications are endless.