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Understand the sheer complexity of Satellite Image Data.

Semantic search enables browsing satellite image data like never before.

The challenge

Satellite image data is extremely vast and difficult to process.

With vast amounts of image data being captured, processing it still remains a widely manual task. Hence, deriving actionable intelligence from the data is still a very hard thing to do.

But not anymore.


Search Semantically

Use semantic search to browse your raw, unlabeled satellite data. No labels or annotations needed.


Prepare with Ease

Find the data that you need for your projects, prepare subsets, tag clusters, create training well-balanced datasets.


Extract Intelligence

Push subsets you created anywhere you want to use them later to use them for downstream tasks.

Our Data Intelligence Engine can process all of this data at scale - without labels.

Satellite Vision.png

1. Understand satellite image data like never before.

2. Find visual concepts you are looking for.

3. Prepare datasets at a fraction of the time.

4. Finetune modes for specific visual concepts.

Our Data Intelligence Engine helps browse and use satellite images.

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